PlexTools Professional HDD

PlexTools Professional HDD 3.11

A diagnostic utility tool for your Plextor hard disc drive
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The PlexTools Professional HDD 3.1 program is a diagnostic tool and will test the functions of your Plextor hard disc drives. The program is available for download free of charge and it features a multilingual graphic user interface featuring 8 European languages including English. The program is often bundled with Plextor external pocket hard disc drives. This software utility will provide you with listed general information relating to your had drive such as your drive's serial number, its capacity, transfer mode, and its smart status. The Drive Settings option featured in the program controls the password protection function. The program can detect the read speed of your whole disc, fromthe beginning to the end, by performing the featured Sequential Read Test. In addition, performing a Random Access Read Test will show the read speed when accessing randomly located sectors on your hard disc. The Backup Maker included with the program provides you with a programmable scheduler enabling you to back up your files and directories to disc, on a daily or weekly basis. Plextor hard disc drives have always been made of the best quality and they have always provided features that suit mastering and they may well be the only corporation that supports their drives with low level error checking software such as the PlexTools Professional HDD.

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